Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Supply List for Sock Knitting on the Go

Portrait of Harris Tweed mansocks in Socks That Rock lightweight, colorway Love in Idleness and snoozing beagle.

Socks are the perfect travel project. Here's what I take along:

1. Sock yarn. The best is a self-striping yarn like Cascade Sassy Stripes or the Opal Harry Potter collection. Results without much thought are always a good thing when you're going to be suddenly be putting down the sock to scramble for toll change or when your travel companions are yelling back at some caller on the radio discussion about health care reform.

2. A simple sock pattern. I like Harris Tweed Socks and Thuja, both free patterns, coincidentally. Thuja calls for #4s and a heavier yarn. I use #2s and a sock yarn, casting on 60.

4. Little scissors and a yarn needle for finishing. I forgot these on my last trip. It turns out it is possible to kitchener the toe without a needle while riding in the front passenger seat.

3. A project bag. I love my little silk taffeta bag from Lantern Moon. You can tie the handles in a bow and slip it in your purse or backpack.

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