Friday, September 04, 2009

Captain Obvious to Me: "Knitting Should Be Fun."

A Bird-in-Hand mitten. The green is Classic Elite Renaissance (100% wool)and the white is Nashua Ivy (50% alpaca, 45% merino, 5% Estellina which is sparkle), leftover from Hermione's Hat and Mittens.

The green yarn was originally purchased to make a pair of Grove Mittens. My elder daughter thought they were the standout design from Jared Flood's new booklet Made in Brooklyn and would I make them for her?

Halfway into one Grove, I frogged the whole durn thing. It wasn't the twisted stitches. I had agonized too much and loo long over a chart that is a witch to read, even enlarged. The twisted skp and sk2p icons are represented by a similar symbol. If the result had been fabulously fab, I would have soldiered on. Knitting is a hobby and a hobby should be fun. These mittens were not fun to knit.

To others knitting happily away on Groves, I kiss you on both cheeks -mwah! mwah! - and say unto you "Bonne continuation, mes amis!". And, now, I smile at you from where I sit on the shore, knitting away on a pair of Bird-in-Hands.

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