Monday, September 21, 2009

Mini Sock

This yarn lollipop came in the first mailing from the Knit Purl Sock Club. Attached were instructions for knitting a mini sock with #1 or #2 dpns.

I cast on around 6:30 this morning and cast off 45 minutes later. It would be a snap to make a yarn lollipop for a knitters' get-together. It's just a little ball of yarn from leftovers (this is ShibuiKnits sock yarn) and a lollipop stick. Free mini sock patterns are all over the web.

It's easy to picture a little Christmas tree decorated with mini socks in red and green or blue and silver. How about a tying up a present of handknit socks with a mini sock in the middle of the bow?

Althea Crone's site Bugknits is a terrific showcase of her miniature knits. Don't miss the video of her mitting for the movie "Coraline". Buttercup Miniatures almost makes me want to take up miniature knitting. In reality, it would be two minutes max of genuine mini-knitting before my eyesight blurred.

The mini sock I made isn't nearly as small. It's perfectly cat-sized... if you can get the sock on your cat without incident. Our older cat Sally would have modeled the sock, if I had been able to find her. Nala the orange Ninja kitty con fuego was around but I value my life. Instead, please accept a stand-in:

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