Friday, September 11, 2009

Solar Charged

"I'd like to put one of these summer days in a drawer and pull it out in mid-January," Tom said.

The windows and the porch door open, we sat in our family room last night, watching the newly-released DVD "Valentino: the Last Emperor". It is a stunningly beautiful and moving documentary, with Valentino's partner Giancarlo Giammetti the Alice in Valentino's Wonderland.

Valentino and Giammetti would recoil in horror at the bmp Sock I was working on during the movie. They'd appreciate the workmanship, though. Did you know that everything at Valentino couture was sewn by hand? Valentino and Giammetti would also appreciate the quality of the Louet Gems wool. It is soft and tightly-spun, making it ideal for this kind of a sock.

The late-summer weather will continue today and tomorrow. This is lucky for the annual carnival that raises money for a school. There are lots of rides, of course. Elephant ears. Cotton candy. We'll stop by, have a brat, listen to some live polka music.

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