Monday, September 07, 2009

Vote for Me, Pweeze

I have an entry in Knit Purl's photo contest. Vote for 3894's (that's my Twitter name) photo of Sally the cat! First prize is a year's membership in their wonderful sock club.

Oh, that contest is so exciting and, as of now, so infuriatingly close! But let's get our tranquil on with the sound of one mitten clapping. I finished the right Bird-in-Hand mitten a few minutes ago. You see it here, unblocked. And here's the namesake bird on the thumb:
You can click on any of the photos to make bigger.

This is my second pair of Bird-in-Hands. I cast on for the first during one of the early Democratic presidential primary debates last year. Couldn't figure out the braid at the bottom and read the chart backwards, i.e. left to right, instead of the correct right to left. Not too shabby, regardless, eh? That's how great a pattern Bird-in-Hand is. It gave good mitten even with my dorky, distracted knitting.

Right mitten down, left mitten to go. This pair of Bird-in-Hands, I can figure out the braid at the bottom (see first photo in this entry) and I'm reading the chart correctly. No promise of distraction-free knitting, though. We've got President Obama's healthcare reform address coming up.

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