Sunday, October 04, 2009

Blocking Wires

Look what came in the mail yesterday: steel wires! Lace-blocking steel wires, that is. They are simply pliable stainless wires that slip through selvage. My set is from Knit Picks.

As a matter of fact, I do have a blob of unblocked lace lying around. Last summer, Tom and I needed to hurry to the bedside of his father. This was going to entail a 7-hour (each way) drive and time in a hospital waiting room and a hotel room. I grabbed the Knitted Lace of Estonia from my bookshelf, some #5 lace needles from the hanging needle-keepers in my closet, and a couple of balls of Jojoland Melody from the stash in my cedar chest.

Knitting lace turns out to be a real conversation starter in the hospital waiting room. Person after person wanted to talk about how grandma/mom/aunt/cousin/friend/neighbor used to knit or crochet. That loosened the speakers up, you might say, and led into the present circumstances that had ended up in the hospital waiting room. Happily, the pattern for the Peacock Tail and Leaf Scarf allowed me to both knit lace and listen.

Once home, I put down the project and took it up for a few rows, put down the project and took it up for a few rows. Eventually, I had the 32 pattern repeats.

Let's try out the wires, shall we? First, a nice soak in the sink. .

And now, a good, aggressive blocking on the wires. You simply slip the wires through the selvage, then pin the edge with T-pins. Fast, easy, and much more even than the T-pins alone I had been using.

Come back tomorrow and see the result off the blocking wires.

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