Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shawl Fashion Show

Nina and Tina's youtube about how to wear shawls without looking like your grandma has inspired me to drag out my own shawls.

At 52, it's getting easier by the day for me to look like an old lady and, although my height of 5'1" has its advantages (no legroom on a plane? no problem!), looking as good as Nina in a shawl is problematic, unless ...

Here, let me show you. I'll start with big, then go to medium, and end with the smallest shawls. Enter my dressmaking form. It's my measurements and my height.

My largest shawl is the triangular Vernal Equinox. It's knit from handspun alpaca laceweight, soft and light as a cloud. Still, it's a whole lotta lace. Trying it Nina's fabulous way...

And this is how I had better plan to actually wear it if I don't want to look like a pigeon wearing some kind of bizarre boob sling.

I have two medium-sized rectangular stoles, both knit in worsted weight and both from Cheryl Oberle's book, Folk Shawls. Unsurprisingly, both look best if worn the same way. This is the Russian-style Domovoi

and this is the Scottish-inspired North Sea...

For the two smaller shawls I've made for myself, I can use Nina's bib styling. The Phoenix Rising is Claudia's Handpaints Silk Lace and is beaded. It is considerably abbreviated from the original design, only because I wanted to be done with it. Here's a really clear picture of my Phoenix Rising, followed by the more modern-looking bib styling of it.

I love the difference! And here's Ishbel, knit in Malabrigo sock yarn. This one is actually designed to be worn as a bib. It works under my raincoat.

Watching Nina and Tina's youtube, then playing around with my own shawls on my sewing mannequin has shown me that smaller is better, if I'm making a shawl for myself.

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