Thursday, October 22, 2009

Take 2

Most patterns I knit once. There are a very few so useful or fun that I knit them twice or more.

Bird in Hand Mittens top the list of patterns I've knitted more than once. Vines, flowers, and leaves twine in and around and a little bird sits on the right thumb - you can just see his yellow beak in this photo. This go-round, they're for me. The yarn is Classic Elite Renaissance (the green) and Nashua Ivy(the white and sparkly).

Other patterns I've knit more than once:
Kitty Bath Mitt, a free pattern from (I'd link you but you need to sign in to see the pattern.) It's my go-to pattern for a baby gift, especially fun if you include a copy of the Little Golden Book The Color Kittens.

The rest of the repeats are hats, all but one from free patterns:

Bobbi from Cathy Carron's Hip Hats

Fake Isle Is there a more fun use for a skein of Noro? I think not!

And I do not have a decent photo of a hat made following the construction of Coronet. I change up that cable with something Viking from Elsebeth Lavold and do it in yak yarn with two layers. Take that, Wisconsin winter!

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