Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Technology at Hand

This is the way I wind yarn from a hank into a ball. There are better ways, all of which involve a swift and winder. These are at the top of my Wish List. Never used either myself but I have seen them in use at yarn stores. They do a faster and a neater job than I could ever do with just the two chairs and my two hands.

I do have an unused item of wool equipment you might like to meet. It came from Sweden to Minnesota in 1882. Here it is:
The wheel belonged to Anna Brita Dahlgren Berglund, Tom's great-grandmother from Ragunda in Jemtland, which is in central Sweden. The wheel used to be a Swedish blue. In the 1960's, one of Tom's sisters painted her turquoise. Go figure the chances that we would have also painted our fireplace turquoise several years ago.

The wheel seems to be in great shape, with all parts moving freely and smoothly. The last time I spun was almost 30 years ago. It was on a friend's wheel. Time to learn to use this one and, to that end, I have ordered a couple of books. I also have the names of several people in Wisconsin who repair old wheels, should this one be less functional than I believe.

If you have advice, please leave it in the comments. Thanks!

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