Friday, October 09, 2009

There Goes the Yarn Diet

Last weekend, we bought a giclée print of this painting by Leslie Trewyn. Happy subject for a knitter, happy colors - it makes me smile every time I look at it.

We met the artist during the
Hidden Studios Tour, a self-guided annual art studio open house. To get to each studio, you drive country roads through the brilliant fall colors. Each of the nine studios invites a guest artist or artisan so that at each studio, you see the work of two different people. The fall foliage glowed through the misty rain and each studio was a revelation of the strong creative community we have in rural Wisconsin.

Peggy Yates of Peaceable Acres Farm represented the fiber arts. You know I bought yarn and here it is:
That's 560 yards of merino handspun, baybee. It's a light worsted weight with a very soft hand. I'm thinking
Swiss Cheese Scarf.

That project will have to wait. No starting any new projects until I finish the bmp socks for my brother-in-law's birthday, rapidly approaching. Here's where I'm at:
One sock done, one sock almost half done. Each sock is different. One sock has a legful of Space Invaders. The other sock has the score and the scoring system. I went back and forth on what to put for the score: should it be 50 or some variation like 5000 because he's celebrating his 50th birthday? I decided instead on putting his birth year: HI-SCORE 1959. It's a very fun, addictive knit for a nice guy but as God as my witness, I'll never knit with black yarn on size 0 needles again.

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