Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time Cures Knitting Fatigue

You know how it is when you've spent too long and too much effort in cooking a meal, it doesn't taste as good as you think it should? Everyone else at the table loves the food but you, the cook, you're finding fault. This is too bland; that's too salty; the one over there is too whatever.

It's how I felt about the His/Her Reversible Scarf from Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman. The construction crosses cables on both right and wrong side rows and the work went on and on. It was a slow knit and you had to keep careful count. On and on and on it went. Really, it was like an evil scarf from a fairytale: no matter how much I knit, the end was never near.

And then, finally, one day the scarf was long enough to bind off. Oh, the happy, happy day! Knowing intellectually it had to be okay but finding endless fault with the thing, I handed off the scarf to my younger daughter. She didn't wear it much.

Which confirmed my darkest suspicions about this scarf. It was too this and it was not enough that, just like the tired cook's dinner.

And then, today, she wore it. Father Time has soothed my cable-stressed brow and that scarf looks great. It does everything it's supposed to. Forgive the photos of a project off the needles a couple of years? What a revelation it is!

To celebrate the Autumn that is well and truly upon us in Wisconsin, here is Tom and our Gang of Three (Jack the Beagle, Sally the Dowager Empress Cat, and Nala the Orange Ninja Kitty con Fuego) all curled up for a nap.

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