Monday, November 16, 2009

Still Sock with Beagle Nose

This is an Art Sock. Cable upon cable swirl down the leg and foot from a twisted-rib cuff to describe Oregon's Cascades.
a volcanic mountain range, extending from central Oregon into British Columbia. The peaks of Mt. Hood. Mt. Rainer, and Mt. Saint Helens are visible from the city of Portland, creating a picturesque horizon throughout the year. The Cascade Locks, located outside Mt. Hood, are a series of waterfalls and canals that were built during the 1870s to make the Columbia more navigable. - Knit Purl Sock Club blurb

The pattern is Cascade Locks by Sarah Worthington. The back differs from the front and, front or back, there's a lot going on here. (Click on any photo to make larger.) The front has water flowing over and under and around cables. On the back of the sock, the water flows wider and more orderly.

Sure, a person can buy socks at Target but not these socks.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

More Yarn! More, More, More!

Tom looked thoughtfully at his socks the other day and said, “You should get some more bamboo sock yarn. I like it the best.”

I can see why. Bamboo keeps your feet comfy year round. So, buy more yarn? Oh-kay, I can manage that.

Off I went to my favorite internet shops. I placed orders with two of them but
The Loopy Ewe wins the customer service prize, hands down. My order arrived only three days after I placed it! The owner included a handwritten thank-you for the order and a little gift of a mini-sock pattern with enough red yarn to make it up.

This one is 400 yards of 55% bamboo, 24% cotton, and 21% elastic. The Spice colorway is autumnal and happy. Doesn't it make you want to cast on right away?

Each one of these contains 328 yards. I'm thinking of something cabled, which would eat up yardage, hence the two skeins. The composition is 75% bamboo, 25% nylon.

This brand was what I used in the socks Tom referred to when he said he preferred bamboo. It's 45% bamboo (bambus auf deutsch, 40% superwash wool, and 15% polyamid, 200 meters per skein.