Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lace Beret


Right now, there are many, many, ma-ny patterns for lace berets. The lace differs from hat to hat and some are more oversized than others. This one by Kate Gagnon Osborne is from Vogue Knitting's Holiday 2009 edition.

Like all the others, this one is knit in the round and has a ribbed brim. The dark green yarn doesn't allow you to see how the travelling lace flows from the ribbed edge.

I made it for my older daughter for Christmas. I love the way it looks on her.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jenny Cloche

PhotobucketNot only is Knitteroo's Jenny a super-quick knit, it's also snuggly to wear. And when I say "super quick", I mean #10 needles and doubled-up Mmmmmmmmalabrigo worsted-weight. Yep, we're talking a single evening's worth of knitting. As for snuggly, this hat hugs the head very gently and fits over the ears easily, if you like.

I made this one for my younger daughter for Christmas to coordinate with her new coat. I may do a second version of this hat without the bow. Instead, how about a couple of decorative buttons or a vintage brooch?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Kissmas and Season's Eatings from The Beagle's Knitting Blog!

That's two of my kids - one human, one beagle. I'm the old lady behind the camera taking the photo. The hat and mittens? I knit those, you betcha! Get a better look at the hat here and the mittens here

This week before Christmas is a busy one. I hope you have a moment to stop and catch a snowflake on your tongue.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Blogging about Knitting While Watching A Movie about Blogging

We watched "Julie and Julia" last night. Stanley Tucci as Paul Child was wonderful, nuanced, believeable. As for the rest of it: I didn't understand Meryl Streep's choice to portray Julia Child as a lumbering village idiot and I grew very tired of Amy Adams flailing about to grasp one shred of interest or likeability in her character.

My active dislike of this film - except for you, Mr. Tucci. You can stay. - took energy. I was talking to the screen, as in "Yeah, right Paris looked that good right after the war" and talking to my husband, as in "Do you remember people being that into Julia Child in the '70's?". (He didn't but he didn't have time to master French chefery back then.)

While watching and furrowing my brow and frowning and talking, I was also knitting. The pattern I was knitting was this:

It's the Knit Purl Sock Club kit for November/December. I seem to be all about the kits lately. This particular one is part of a very generous prize I won. The yarn is Abstract Fiber SuperSock (superwash merino. The colorway is Pinot Noir and the pattern has little grapes up near the cuff. If you click on any photo, you'll see them more clearly. You'll also see that the actual color of the Pinot Noir colorway is heavy on the noir, as compared to the pattern photo. I'm okay with that but the noir takes this sock from one to wear to a wine tasting to one worn by an Edward Gorey character as she impassively hands a poisoned glass of wine to her victim. Who can't use a sock like that, I ask?

Knitting-wise, it's a k1 tbl, p3 rib once you've done the grapes at the top. That simplicity made it a great choice for knitting while watching a netflix.

The Knit Purl kit always contains a little lagniappe of a gift. This time, it was

a very handy mini-crochet hook. It's perfect for picking up dropped stitches.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Size Does Not Matter

My yarn collection got a lot more awesome today.

When Wisconsin Wool Exchange in Amherst, population 948, opened, I expected nothing. It's a small shop in a small town about 15 minutes from where I live.

The store is turning out to be a Cave of Wonders. The very nice lady stocking wool from large grocery bags she brought in? Yeah, that's none other than the proprietor of Kimmet Croft Fiber. What a thrill! She makes the go-to yarns for Bohus knitting in North America. The yarn is 30% angora for the shimmer Bohus is famous for. It's dyed to specific colors for the poetry of color Bohus is famous for.

She told me she doesn't have an internet presence by intention - it's either dye her fibers or be on the internet, time-wise, and she chooses to dye her fibers. You can call her at 1-888-BOHUS-40 or 715-421-0121.

So there Ms. Kimmet was, stocking her yarn, and behind her were kits for Bohus hats from the book, Poems of Color. I bought the kit for the Blue Shimmer Hat.

Wisconsin Wool Exchange, all 400 sq. ft. or so of it, is becoming the kind of shop that people will drive to from many states away.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Secret Knitting - Revealed!

How's your Christmas knitting coming? This is one of mine, hot off the needles...

Lots of pattern, lots of color, and two layers of wool - that's how we like our hats in Wisconsin. This is the Triple-Patterned Watch Cap from Charlene Schurch's Hats On! and a clearer, better-written pattern you'd go a long way to find.

It's a Christmas present for my husband Tom. He picked out the wool at a Herrschner's warehouse sale. It's worsted-weight 100% wool yet so ...what's the nice word ...vivid a purple you'd swear it was 100% recycled plastic soda bottles. I didn't think I could do much that a man would actually put on his head but we walked around the warehouse sale, trying this yarn, then that next to the purple. It was near the back of their retail store that we found the heathered purple alpaca yarn. The way it soothes down the dark purple is like magic.

Do you love that textured herringbone braid? It's just a three-row pattern, mostly involving twisting yarn over or under as you purl first the main color, then the contrast color. I won't give away Charlene Schurch's e-z technique but here's Savannahchik's tutorial on how she does it.