Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Secret Knitting - Revealed!

How's your Christmas knitting coming? This is one of mine, hot off the needles...

Lots of pattern, lots of color, and two layers of wool - that's how we like our hats in Wisconsin. This is the Triple-Patterned Watch Cap from Charlene Schurch's Hats On! and a clearer, better-written pattern you'd go a long way to find.

It's a Christmas present for my husband Tom. He picked out the wool at a Herrschner's warehouse sale. It's worsted-weight 100% wool yet so ...what's the nice word ...vivid a purple you'd swear it was 100% recycled plastic soda bottles. I didn't think I could do much that a man would actually put on his head but we walked around the warehouse sale, trying this yarn, then that next to the purple. It was near the back of their retail store that we found the heathered purple alpaca yarn. The way it soothes down the dark purple is like magic.

Do you love that textured herringbone braid? It's just a three-row pattern, mostly involving twisting yarn over or under as you purl first the main color, then the contrast color. I won't give away Charlene Schurch's e-z technique but here's Savannahchik's tutorial on how she does it.

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Jo said...

making this same hat! Unable to finish it for Chistmas as I am stuck on the crown! Made it a size medium (100) stitches and could not get an even amount of stitches for 5 even patterns in the crown. So frustrating!