Saturday, December 12, 2009

Size Does Not Matter

My yarn collection got a lot more awesome today.

When Wisconsin Wool Exchange in Amherst, population 948, opened, I expected nothing. It's a small shop in a small town about 15 minutes from where I live.

The store is turning out to be a Cave of Wonders. The very nice lady stocking wool from large grocery bags she brought in? Yeah, that's none other than the proprietor of Kimmet Croft Fiber. What a thrill! She makes the go-to yarns for Bohus knitting in North America. The yarn is 30% angora for the shimmer Bohus is famous for. It's dyed to specific colors for the poetry of color Bohus is famous for.

She told me she doesn't have an internet presence by intention - it's either dye her fibers or be on the internet, time-wise, and she chooses to dye her fibers. You can call her at 1-888-BOHUS-40 or 715-421-0121.

So there Ms. Kimmet was, stocking her yarn, and behind her were kits for Bohus hats from the book, Poems of Color. I bought the kit for the Blue Shimmer Hat.

Wisconsin Wool Exchange, all 400 sq. ft. or so of it, is becoming the kind of shop that people will drive to from many states away.

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