Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heart to Heart Scarf

I started this project with the laceweight called for in the pattern. Sadly, my lace-knitting mojo had temporarily deserted me. Everytime I frogged or tinked back, the laceweight was looking shabbier and shabbier.

This had nothing to do with the quality of Sivia Harding’s instructions. They are flawless and easy to understand. It was totally me.

I cast on with some DK-weight Malabrigo Silky Merino I had in my stash but kept the #3 needles. The idea was to practice until I understood the pattern. The heavier yarn could be frogged and tinked until Kingdom Come. Later, I would begin over with the laceweight.

After one repeat of the pattern in the DK-weight, my lace-knitting mojo had returned after one repeat of the pattern in the DK. Instead of setting it aside and casting on with the laceweight, I was liking the way it looked in the heavier yarn.

So, I kept on knitting, no beads. And here you have the result. I love it.
Since January is for Selfish Knitting, the scarf is for me. Thanks to my daughter Cleo for modeling it for the camera.

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teabird said...

Helen, it's beautiful! I'm glad you're keeping it- it'll remind you where your knitting mojo sometimes hides!