Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Science of Socks: Vinifera

The Christmas knitting done, did I cast on for something lacey and luscious like an Estonian shawl?

Okay, I did.

Did I cast on for something practical yet challenging like a Bohus cap in handspun and carefully-dyed angora and wool?

Yeppers on that one, too. I'll show them to you in the next couple of days.

And yet the knitting decks were not perfectly clear when I cast on for the Estonian thing and the Bohus thing. One small, unfinished project still needed my attention: the November installment of the Knit Purl Sock Club.

The yarn is Abstract Fiber Super Sock in the exclusive colorway Pinot Noir. If you like sock yarn, you'll enjoy the Abstract Fiber site. It's nice stuff, 100% superwash merino, 380 yards per skein.

The colorway for the sock club, a combination of black, merlot, and olive doesn't really say "Socks to wear to a wine tasting!" to me. It says more "Socks to wear to watch the movie 'Nightmare before Christmas'!".

There's no doubt that wine inspired the pattern, though. Vinifera by Miriam Felton runs twisted ribs the length of the sock. The interesting vineyard detail is at the top of the leg: grapes. Each grape is a m5 in one stitch followed by a few rows of k, then finished up with a sl2 k3tog p2sso. I've drawn an arrow to one of the grapes. They are staggered over the first five inches.

Can you spot a few more grapes? It's not easy in the photo or in person. I count four and a half grapes in this photo. I think.

I absolutely love this sock club. It's one big stretching exercise, something that never hurts when you're talking about knitting.

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