Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Socks That (Practically) Knit Themselves

All over the knitting blogosphere are photos of new leaves and budding daffodils. I've got a pair of socks in spring green, instead. The yarn is Abstract Fiber Super Sock in Primavera, an exclusive colorway for the Knit Purl Sock Club. It's a mix of green, lavender, and blue. Click on any photo to see detail.

When I gave my daughter the socks to put on for these photos, she said, "Guacamole socks!" No, Intertwined Socks. If you click on the photo to see the detail, you'll see the name is a good one.

Actually, the way I knit them, these are Intertwined Socks Lite. The designer, Sara Morris, wrote the pattern to be worked from the toe up on two circular needles. There are two distinct socks, sock A and sock B. There's a beautiful, patterned heel. I converted the pattern to top-down and made both socks the same, since I liked the chart for Sock A so well. I knit on double-pointed needles, not circs. I even ignored the beautiful, patterned heel to make just a plain vanilla one.

The essential is still there: the lace. It's 10 rows over 10 stitches and I could not put it down! The combination of the cheerful spring yarn and the intertwining lace had my needles flying.

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