Monday, March 01, 2010

Thinking and Rethinking Pink

Almost a year ago, skeins and skeins of pink Cascade 220 Superwash arrived at my house. They're for a high-school graduation present for my younger daughter. I'm going to make her an afghan for her college dorm room.

But which afghan? If I were making one for myself, I'd go for theBabette Blanket. After that, I'd choose the Great American Aran Afghan.

My daughter hated Babette, was lukewarm towards the Great American Aran. She wants something all one color with lots of cables but not too seafaring, and no sampler squares.

I'm good with that. Now I looked for something worked either in strips or squares and the needle size smaller than 9. I'm more a lace knitter than an afghan knitter. A big shawl on little needles I can wrap my mind around. A big afghan on big needles I fought against.

I settled on an afghan made from a repeat of the same square which somehow looks really kicky in pink. The Debbie Bliss Comfort Square has plenty of cables (also plenty of bobbles) and definitely is not at all seafaring. Sadly, the effect of two blocks sewn together is not what I'd hoped. It's partly that the yarn needs to have more body for this job and partly that the square is a little wonky at the bottom so the join cannot be really smooth. You can see it in this picture. It's the little wavy bump. No, it doesn't block out very well.

I've decided to stop overthinking this afghan. I've decided to stop fighting the big needles. With doubled yarn, I cast on 150 stitches on #10s. The body will be moss stitch. There will be some kind of decorative border, either knit or crocheted. It will be something like Elizabeth Zimmerman's Stonington Shawl.

This will be good tv knitting. To go with, I have netflixed the murder mystery series "Castle".

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