Sunday, July 18, 2010


I took this photo just a few minutes ago. Our garden is part beebalm and phlox, coneflowers and gayfeathers. The other part is wild woods. The woods is where you'll find blackberries. We leave them for the birds because, even as blackberries go, they're seedy. If you bite into one, its sourness makes you wink.

The blackberries are pretty, though. Fleece Artist has done a nice job of capturing the purples and reds in its Blackberry colorway Sea Silk.

A nice interpretation except, as you already know, variegated colorways tend to swallow lace patterns. Want to see my first try with this yarn? It's Cheryl Oberle's Kimono Shawl, a lovely pattern.

Yep, the yarn and the pattern are fighting each other. Frogged it.

There was a second attempt, which I actually saw through to the end. It's Multnomah and requires only one skein.

I never, ever wore this. Frogged it.

Third time's a charm. Perfection Wrap from More Big Girl Knits was written expressly for variegated Sea Silk. It's a six-row, slog-of-a-knit lace pattern with some P2tog through the back loop. I do hold it away from me and spread apart the lace, admiring how it will look when blocked and Tom has remarked on the loveliness several times so on I knit. This is what one skein of Sea Silk looks like in this pattern. (You can click on any photo to make bigger.)


Walden said...

The colors look lovely together in the final try, the Perfection Wrap. The colors seem more integrated and less striped.

Such dedication you have to see the yarn through to its perfect pattern.

Helen said...

Thanks, Walden!


twinsetellen said...

Mmmm, blackberries! You are bringing back memories of childhood afternoons in the berry patch (and the chiggers that sometimes came with!).

Lovely knitting!