Friday, July 30, 2010

Mitten Smitten

I'm on a bit of a mitten jag.  As summer temperatures soar, I'm in the middle of Wenche Roald's Dala Selbu Hybrid.

It started with the pattern, a free download at Ravelry. Tom is a proud Swedish-American.  We have a collection of wooden Dala horses that come out every Christmas to decorate the house.

The yarn for these mittens is  Knitpicks Palette in two tones of purple.  Knitpicks is the place for completely affordable yarn.  Their Palette line has umpteen colors and is heaven-sent for knitting colorwork mittens.  Palette yarn is so affordable that the total cost of making the mittens in the photo above is under $5.00, assuming you already have the needles.  If not, add another $6.50.

In contrast, the pair of Latvian mittens I'm planning as I join the Lizbeth Upitis KAL at Ravelry will cost much more.  I'll break it down:

  • 3 colors of the recommended yarn, Vuorelman Satakieli from Finland, sold at School House Press ... $15/ea.
  • 1 copy of Latvian Mittens ... $25
  • a free opportunity to learn from the leading U.S. authority on knitting this style of mitten .... priceless

I didn't have to spend $45 on Finnish yarn. I could make the Latvian mittens in Palette for $1.99 - $2.19 a ball.  Maybe next time.

For my first pair of this special style of colorwork knitting, I wanted very much to go the caviar-dreams-and-champagne-wishes route. And so, a great time was had  in agonizing over which three colors to choose.   After much backing-and-forthing and consulting of family members, the final decision came down to turquoise, burnt orange, and grey.

Latvia via Santa Fe!

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torirot said...

Nice dala horse mittens! They are in my queue too...