Monday, August 09, 2010

Ramona Lace Helmet

To me, this hat looks like something Amélie would wear.  It's hits the same notes that Audrey Tatou's character does:  gamine and playful and retro and stylishly offbeat.  If only it were in a saturated red or blue or green  ...  

I made it in a sport-weight alpaca handspun from Alpaca Bay Farm on Prince Edward Island.  The yarn is as soft as a kitten's tummy - how's that for an Amélie-ish image.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Fierce Dala Mittens for My Svenska Flicka

Soon enough mitten weather will arrive in the Midwest. The moment I saw Wenche Roald's Dala-Selbu Hybrid mittens , I cast on.  My daughter heading back to college in Ohio is going to need these.

 The horse design is a Dala horse, a symbol of the Swedish province of Dalarna. The photo is poor but can you read what's knitted into the underside of the thumb?

 It so happens that my husband is a proud Swedish-American who speaks Swedish well.  His relatives did not come from Dalarna, though, but from Jemtland, Värmland, and Ostergötland.

When I gave the mittens to my daughter, she put them on, stretched out her arms in front of her to study the mittens, front and back.  Verdict:  "They're fierce!"