Thursday, September 02, 2010

I Am A Fan of Marta Stina Abramsdotter

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks.  We took our daughters to college, a drive that took us from Wisconsin to North Carolina and Ohio and back. 

It's good to be back home.  Tom and I were at the Portage County Democratic Party Picnic last Sunday.  It's held in the old brick warehouse by the river and boy howdy, it was hot.  On each picnic table, a tin can holding a bouquet of these...  

That fan came in right handy.  Pretty soon, though, as the politicians' speeches progressed,  the knitting in my purse called to me. At that point, I had a decision: fanning or knitting?  My preference was both! Would Tom fan me as I knit away?

Yeah ... nope.  Drat.

I put down the fan for a bit and split my time between the fanning and the knitting.  If you're guessing that I knit away on a sock, you're guessing right.  It's a Cookie A design called Summer Sox and it's free.  The yarn is Classic Elite Yarn's Summer Sox (40% cotton, 40% superwash merino, 20% nylon).  I'm almost finished with the second sock so good, clear photos probably tomorrow.

That's my mindless tv/political picnic knitting.  For more of a challenge, I began a pair of Latvian mittens in Finnish yarn.  Just look at that fancy braided cuff and that tiny gauge.

You know what?  I don't like them - too fussy.  Also, my color choices are off, off, off.  The colors need to be a lot livelier.

Oh, yes, I frogged the thing.  It felt good!  With the same yarn, I knit something still from within the Baltic region, this time from Sweden.

This is Ulrika Bos Kerttu's Swedish Mittens from Knitting Traditions, which had a limited run.  You can purchase the pattern as a kit here.  The design is based on the knitting of master knitter Marta Stina Abrahamsdotter (1825-1903), a woman so ahead of her time that we're only beginning to catch up to her aesthetic sense and technique.

I love this design.  It's clean and it's simple and yet it's still Nordic folk art.  Look at how pretty the palm is and please click on this photo to enlarge it so you can see that almost trompe l'oeil "lace" border. 

My mitten.  Fall is in the air.  

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