Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's the Backstory?

Vogue Knitting  previewed this beautiful numbah from the upcoming
 Holiday edition of the magazine.  Sure, it's beautiful but I'm thinking the same thing as when I leaf through an anthropologie catalog:  What's the bloomin' backstory?!
Why does the chandelier hang in mid-air, rather than from the ceiling?  Why is that swath of cloth draped around the wire?

Because here's what I'm getting:  the woman pulled an Anna Nicole Smith, i.e., she married an almost-deceased plutocrat.  It is now after his death and our Lady in Red wants to unload the entire contents of all his  properties - this one is in France - before the plutocrats' adult children contest the will.  This is why the chandelier has come down from the ceiling, ready to be wrapped in the swath of pistachio-colored velvet drapery.  Yep, she's even selling off the drapes and antlers.  This is why the Lady in Red stands in front of a large pallet with her hand on an old trunk.

Okay, I think we can fairly call that solved, don't you?

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MRPP said...

Hehe. I have to admit that although this picture caught my eye, I have been too distracted by that va-va-VOOM red numbah to look at the rest of the scene. The blonde vixen is definitely in the Anna Nicole mode, as you suggest. But I have to wonder if she is moving *IN* or *OUT*. The packing crates could go either way and still spell trouble for the plutocrat's existing relatives. Food for thought...