Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why Knit Socks?

Trail Mix Socks in Panda Cotton Solid (59% bamboo, 25% cotton, 16% nylon)

When I started this blog, I was a confirmed non-sock knitter. What a lot of work for something no one ever looks at because who looks at socks, I figured. What a waste of money.

A little time went by. I got better at knitting. I began to wonder why all the fuss about sock knitting. What the hey, I knit a pair. Then another. It was fun. Socks are a small, portable project, as mindless or mindful as you want them to be and quick to finish.

Much more importantly, Tom was diagnosed with diabetes. It had become essential he have socks that would not bind. In other words, Tom needs socks that fit him perfectly.  Handknit socks fit.  Until you've tried a pair, you think machine-knit socks are fine.

Project portability and custom fit are two great reasons to knit socks. There's a third: sock yarn.  Sock yarn can be really gorgeous. You don’t need a lot of it/a big investment to have enough for a pair of socks.  For around $20, you can make a really special pair of socks but you don't have to spend that much.  The socks in the photo above cost $12 to make.

My favorite sock yarn?   It's Boo Fly Sock a mix of superwash merino and bamboo.  The colors are gorgeous and the yarn wears like iron. You can throw them in the washing machine. The merino makes it warm enough for when the snow falls, which can be October - April here.  The bamboo makes it comfortably warm, not sweaty. Bamboo socks tend not to smell as the fiber contains an antibacterial and bacteriostasis bioagent.

 Happy Socktober, all!

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