Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Annemor #5 from Selbuvotter:  Biography of a Knitting Tradition

Each day the Norse god Odin sent his two ravens to fly all over the world.  Thought and Memory were their names and here they are on my mittens.  See their beating wings?

The pattern is sized for a Child's Small but by using worsted-weight and #3 (cuffs) and #6 (hand) needles, I easily upsized them to fit my Woman's Small hands.  These are my mittens for this winter.

 I finished them last night.  Good thing, too, because the first snow of the season is falling as I type.  When I showed them to Tom, telling him they were ravens not crows, he asked, "What's the difference between a crow and a raven?"

This is, apparently, a common enough question to warrant its own article at They are in the same family of birds but there are differences in size and color, with the raven both bigger and with more blue-black iridescence than the crow.  


Ruthie said...

ohhhhhhhhh, so pretty, Helen.

It seems to me, the non knitter, that the patterns knitted into the mittens would be difficult.

Imajazzbaby said...

Beautiful AND fascinating.