Monday, December 20, 2010

Fleas Navidad from The Beagle's Knitting Blog!

Snowbound beagle
Also,  Fleece Navidad ...

So. much. snow. last weekend and another 3-5" due this afternoon into this evening!  You do get a lot of knitting done.  In fact, file this under Exhibit A:

These are Tom's Christmas present from me.  I handed him the Selbuvotter book and said, "Which one?".  He chose Annemor #7.
 "The Eddas tell of Yggdrasil, the tree that supports the world and the four stags that feed on its shoots and bark.  The reindeer here is nibbling on a sprout, reminding us of the ancient story". - Terri Shea in Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition.
I had been hoping for one of the easier mittens.  No, I was assured, gloves would be better.  These gloves with reindeer and little trees and suns and triangles and flowers.

I drew in my lips, slid my glasses down my nose, and peered at the particulars of the knitting pattern. This would be the first pair of gloves I had ever knitted.  Still,  maaaaaybe I could pull this off.

We drove to Wisconsin Wool Exchange and I said, "Choose two colors."

There are many beautiful choices in this little shop.  Tom went right for the Wall o' Kimmet Croft - which is pretty much the epicenter of my knitting universe - and picked an off-white and a cobalt blue called Iris in sportweight.  The yarn is 25% angora and 75% merino so there is a bit of a halo.  It's the nicest yarn I have ever worked with.

And so, I sat down to try to knit these fancy Nordic gloves.  It was very fun, spurred on as I was by the fast-approaching Christmas deadline and an intense desire to succeed in wupping Viking glove tushie. I wanted to give Tom my best.

This is it:  my personal best in knitting, as of December 2010.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

One Small Shawl Promptly Knit

A small shawl of big lace in big wool on big needles

Itinerary for a day visit to Madison, Wisconsin:

  • lunch and Delta blues at Smokey Jon's.  I highly recommend the smoked beef brisket sandwich platter.
  • fabric shopping at Gayfeather Fabrics, home -as they say - to the funky and the fine..  
  • Lace on size 9 needles with worsted-weight yarn is great for semi-mindless travel knitting
  • yarn oggling at Lakeside Fibers. New management has made positive changes and now, once again, the store is a comfortable and inspiring place to browse while your non-knitting day-tripping SO lingers over a leisurely coffee and scone in the coffee room.
Haul from this day visit:

  • four horn-and-metal buttons for my winter coat.
  • a pattern for an apron and fabric for two aprons
  • Hawthorne is a small shawl - scarf hybrid.
  • 2 skeins Dream in Color Classy, colorway Happy Forest and inspiration to make Hawthorne from the Twist Collective.  It was the in-shop model of Hawthorne that hooked me. Some things you just have to see in person, evidently.

Progress on Madison acquisitions to the stash:

  • horn-and-metal replacement coat buttons promptly attached to winter coat
  • one apron promptly made and promptly given to Tom's stepmother on a recent visit.  One side of the apron was an olive-turquoise-silver-purple graphic of a peacock, strangely 12 Days of Christmas-y.  On the other side was purple faux ikat.  It's a reversible apron. 
  • one Hawthorne promptly knit on the trip to Iowa to see Tom's father in hospice.


    Thursday, December 02, 2010

    The Divine Miss E

    And here's Miss E looking sweet and chic in Kristen Rengren's #27 Vintage Baby Dress from Vogue Knitting, Holiday 2009.  The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet DK (90% Merino, 10% Nylon) so her mom can pop it in the wash and low dryer.  The look is versatile - wear it as a dress as Miss E does here or a tunic over wee blue jeans.

    Thanks to Miss E's mom for the beautiful photo!