Monday, December 20, 2010

Fleas Navidad from The Beagle's Knitting Blog!

Snowbound beagle
Also,  Fleece Navidad ...

So. much. snow. last weekend and another 3-5" due this afternoon into this evening!  You do get a lot of knitting done.  In fact, file this under Exhibit A:

These are Tom's Christmas present from me.  I handed him the Selbuvotter book and said, "Which one?".  He chose Annemor #7.
 "The Eddas tell of Yggdrasil, the tree that supports the world and the four stags that feed on its shoots and bark.  The reindeer here is nibbling on a sprout, reminding us of the ancient story". - Terri Shea in Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition.
I had been hoping for one of the easier mittens.  No, I was assured, gloves would be better.  These gloves with reindeer and little trees and suns and triangles and flowers.

I drew in my lips, slid my glasses down my nose, and peered at the particulars of the knitting pattern. This would be the first pair of gloves I had ever knitted.  Still,  maaaaaybe I could pull this off.

We drove to Wisconsin Wool Exchange and I said, "Choose two colors."

There are many beautiful choices in this little shop.  Tom went right for the Wall o' Kimmet Croft - which is pretty much the epicenter of my knitting universe - and picked an off-white and a cobalt blue called Iris in sportweight.  The yarn is 25% angora and 75% merino so there is a bit of a halo.  It's the nicest yarn I have ever worked with.

And so, I sat down to try to knit these fancy Nordic gloves.  It was very fun, spurred on as I was by the fast-approaching Christmas deadline and an intense desire to succeed in wupping Viking glove tushie. I wanted to give Tom my best.

This is it:  my personal best in knitting, as of December 2010.

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Walden said...

They look lovely and on the plus side, any other glove pattern should be super easy for you now!