Saturday, December 04, 2010

One Small Shawl Promptly Knit

A small shawl of big lace in big wool on big needles

Itinerary for a day visit to Madison, Wisconsin:

  • lunch and Delta blues at Smokey Jon's.  I highly recommend the smoked beef brisket sandwich platter.
  • fabric shopping at Gayfeather Fabrics, home -as they say - to the funky and the fine..  
  • Lace on size 9 needles with worsted-weight yarn is great for semi-mindless travel knitting
  • yarn oggling at Lakeside Fibers. New management has made positive changes and now, once again, the store is a comfortable and inspiring place to browse while your non-knitting day-tripping SO lingers over a leisurely coffee and scone in the coffee room.
Haul from this day visit:

  • four horn-and-metal buttons for my winter coat.
  • a pattern for an apron and fabric for two aprons
  • Hawthorne is a small shawl - scarf hybrid.
  • 2 skeins Dream in Color Classy, colorway Happy Forest and inspiration to make Hawthorne from the Twist Collective.  It was the in-shop model of Hawthorne that hooked me. Some things you just have to see in person, evidently.

Progress on Madison acquisitions to the stash:

  • horn-and-metal replacement coat buttons promptly attached to winter coat
  • one apron promptly made and promptly given to Tom's stepmother on a recent visit.  One side of the apron was an olive-turquoise-silver-purple graphic of a peacock, strangely 12 Days of Christmas-y.  On the other side was purple faux ikat.  It's a reversible apron. 
  • one Hawthorne promptly knit on the trip to Iowa to see Tom's father in hospice.


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