Friday, January 07, 2011

Seasonable Activity (and the Lack Thereof)

Snowbound beagle
For Jack the beagle, it is Snowbound Season.  If the mercury dips below 15 degrees Farenheit, walks are brief and more of a hustle against the elements than an opportunity to sniff out regulars and interlopers.  Chilly days are passed between watching the street from the big windows and long snoozes.  There are soulful beagle eyes and long beagle sighs.

For me, it is Knitting Season.  These socks came off the needles this morning.  They're Pointelle from Cookie A's new book, knit. sock. love. When Thomasina put them on to model for the camera, she exclaimed,  "I love the fit!".   That's the design, more than the knitting.  See that nice, stretchy lace that travels down the foot and also wraps around the ankle?

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