Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stashing up

Sing along if you know the tune.  If you're a knitter, I bet you do.

 My  knitting  for a recent weekend away was all about starting a pair of socks from yarn from the (embarrassingly vast) supply in my cedar chest.
  See my knitting bag all packed?
Knitting book with pattern - check!  Yarn from stash - check!  Needles - check!
It was even more virtuous than that.  The yarn was reclaimed from a half-knit pair of socks  that had languished for several years in the cedar chest.  I frogged the one knit sock and wound the yarn into a ball.  Into the ball I stuck a set of #1 dpns.

I never touched any of it all weekend.

Long story short,  new yarn came into my life via Lakeside Fibers in Madison. My daughter Thomasina wondered could I make her a hat just like the one on the model by the front window?  With this thick-and-thin nubbly Arucania Liwen?

Infinity Hat inspired by anthropologie  in Arucania Liwen  (50% superfine alpaca, 50% wool)

Uh, yep.  I can do that. In fact, on #10 needles, I did it before her bus back to college left.

Well, I was buying the yarn for Thomasina's hat anyway, why not buy myself that pretty ball of Noro Silk Garden?

My new ball of Noro Silk Garden in the act of becoming a hat
And then I saw some nice Mmmmmmmalabrigo in an inky blue and Tom has a birthday coming up and ... I bought that, too.

You know that some of the best yarn stores have an attached café, right?  That's where I headed next.  A latte + a gingersnap cookie + yarn fondling is not a terrible way to spend time. I sat in a happy daze and Tom and Thomasina went around the corner into the yarn part of the store.

Tom came back with MORE yarn - surprise gift yarn - for me!  It's a kit for a shawl.

Really, life doesn't get much better.

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