Monday, March 14, 2011

LOVe Shawlette

LOVe Shawlette, pattern by Anne Hanson available on PDF from,  Softie Lite yarn by Kimmet Croft (25% angora, 75% merino) 
This past weekend, I weeded out the unwanted and unused books and magazines from my knitting book shelves.  I was ruthless, brutal!  The local Goodwill now has a nice stock of knitting books.

With the exception of any book by Nancy Bush, Cookie A, Barbara Walker, Melissa Leapman, Laura Irwin, or Clara Parkers, my knitting book-buying future is going to be books on techniques/stitch dictionaries. I am not going to renew my subscription to Vogue Knitting.

What I am going to do is buy PDFs of knitting patterns,  since the internet now makes it possible to buy only the patterns I want.  Some designers who sell only PDFs do not always sell individual designs but bundle a collection of designs.  I wish they wouldn't. Mandatory bundling has kept me from purchasing several times. I would rather be given the possibility of either buying an individual pattern or a specially-priced bundle.

LOVe Shawlette, made for my sister in the smaller or scarf size

For storage,  I print out the pattern and store it in a plastic sleeve filed in a binder.  The plastic sleeve keeps the pattern clean and together.  More importantly, the sleeve has the three-hole punch on it so I don't have to punch holes in the pages themselves. I have two binders.   One binder is for Feet and Head (socks, hats), the other is everything else.

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KathieB said...

Anne Hanson's designs are wonderful, aren't they? Your little shawls are gorgeous. And Kimmet Croft yarn--love it. I have one shawl knit from Kimmet Croft laceweight and another yet to be knit.

Thanks for your supportive words on my blog. I refuse to give up on Wisconsin.