Thursday, July 28, 2011

Survival Knitting

Cozy Cable Socks knit on #1 dpns for size 12 Tomfeet.  Not the speediest project ever.

Here's the situation:  the heat index is 110 and  humidity is at 80 or 90%.   The power is down because of the windstorm;  it's going to stay down for hours (it turned out to be a couple of days).   Three old and beautiful trees came down in the storm.  The tree guys you just hired get $500/hour. Everything in the fridge and freezer is spoiling.  You cannot flush the toilet and any water you drink is bottled.  No one died and your house is okay, if uncomfy.  What do you do?

You knit so you don't kill people.  

Every knitter in the universe knows this.  What you choose to knit when the going gets tense is less universal.  For myself, it's sock knitting.  The smaller the needles, the fussier the pattern, the better.

I am aided and abetted in this by Tom's willingness to be a wild-socks kind of guy.  He will gladly wear just about anything, likes just about anything.  So, I grabbed a skein of  Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock Yarn in Hyacinth Purple and cast on in a pattern loaded with cables.  Click on the photos to see detail.

A week later, there is one completed sock and 1/4 of its mate.  The power is long since back on, the fridge and freezer cleaned out, and the tree-removal bill is undoubtedly on its way to our mailbox.

One down, one to go.

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