Friday, August 05, 2011

If Your Socks Are Purple, Let Them Be PURPLE

These Cozy Cable Socks are for Tom, who is nothing if not open-minded when it comes to socks or, really, anything except British movies. He claims he can’t understand a #@$#%^% word. 
Fine, Colin Firth and I prefer to be alone anyway.


Catherine said...

I think my hubbie watches the British chick flicks with me precisely because he DOESN'T want to leave me alone with Colin Firth!!

pwm said...


pwm said...

I tried the standing there and looking important and British while she drives away... but just can't pull it off. Maybe I need to jump into the river in all my clothes... maybe that'll work.

By the way, we can both really identify with your Knit so as to not kill anyone, idea. It works!