Friday, September 30, 2011

Barns, Yarns, and a Pair o' Mitts

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If it's the first weekend in October, it's Hidden Studios Tour.  It's an annual self-guided visit to eight studios,  each showcasing three artists.  The leaves are at their colorful peak,  there's coffee and cookies and time to talk with the artists.  We look forward to it every year.

So, this morning,  we hopped in the Jeep and bumped over the country roads, past red barns and fall foliage to our first stop this year:  Peaceable Acres Farm .  This is a fiber arts studio and producer of really beautiful, quality yarn.  I mean, when you park next to pasture with grazing sheep and alpacas, you know there's farm-fresh fiber ahead.

And there was and in lots of colors and bases.  I chose superfine Alpaca handspun in natural white and brown-with-gray.  Ohhhh, is it softer than soft!   There's enough to make a Lillia Hyrna Shawl or an Icelandic Modern Lace Shawl

Wanted for Attempted Yarn Harassment 
The weather was changeable, going from sunny to rainy to sunny to rainy again.  I was glad I had thought to tuck these into my coat pocket .


They're the pattern that comes with the Dream in Color 2011-2010 Dream Club yarn for September.  You don't sign up for a year or six months or even three months.  You don't commit in advance at all, unlike most yarn clubs.  Here are the details from a seller I have not yet used.  I bought mine at a bricks-and-mortar store.

To finish the week, how about a photo of Jack the beagle crunching around in the autumn leaves?

Sniff  sniff   sniff   sniff   snifff


Thomasina said...

Wonderful colors! I really hope I can go next year. Jack would've enjoyed the alpacas!

Ian Merkel said...

Those gloves look amazing! And that picture of Jack is so cute I can almost hear his snorting sniffer through my screen :)