Monday, October 10, 2011

Ullared Hat

Ullared Hat in Unspun Icelandic and Dolcetto Shawl  in Fleece Artist Merino 2/6

"Brought to Iceland by the Viking settlers some 1,100 years ago, the Icelandic sheep is one of the world's oldest and purest breeds... " - from The Knitter's Book of Wool

It is also one of the warmest yarns.  You buy unspun Icelandic by the 300-yard wheel.  A display of these wheels - natural greys and browns and beiges, amethyst purple, cayenne, and sumac red - greets you at the door.  They're intriguing so when he amethyst purple colorway matched a shawlette I had just finished, I bought a wheel plus another of grey for a hat.

 Unspun Icelandic is a yarn which inspires intense love or intense loathing, I’m guessing. I love the colors and the warmth. Count me as Not A Fan of the unspun aspect.  A very light hand is required to knit with this yarn.  Pull at all - and I mean at all - and it wisps apart.  
"Use a light hand when pulling the wool from the wheel until the center hole is large enough to permit the wool to flow freely. If the strand should break, simply overlap the ends, moisten your palm, and rub the two strands together for a ‘spit-splice’. " - Schoolhouse Press instructional sheet 

To combat the wispy aspect of the yarn, I threw the completed hat into a pillowcase, wound a rubber band around to secure, and threw the thing into the washing machine.  A wash in hot water later, the hat was perfectly felted.

A fun feature of the pattern is to add your initials in a little box.  Do you see mine above the sold line of purple?


Thomasina said...

very cool!! I bet it's softer than Nala :)

Ruthie said...

That hat is soooo cute - looks so soft too. :)