Sunday, November 06, 2011


It's time to knit Jack the beagle a new coat.  Will you help me decide?  Click on the links below.  If you have a preference, leave a comment below.    Suggest one not on the list, if you like.

Barkberry (Burberry-inspired)

Puppies on Parade (fair isle)

Knitted Dog Coat with Traditional Norwegian Pattern (Scandihoovian-inspired)


Thomasina said...

I vote for the Burberry one- it's very cute and looks like it would be the most comfortable. The others might be too tight or hard to get on a wiggly beagle.

Ian Merkel said...

I like Barkberry too, but mostly because he would look like a little Sherlick Bones.

That's a Sherlock Holmes joke that I will probably regret typing out :)

cleoj386 said...

I think the Scandanavian one! Beagles look best in red!

cleoj386 said...
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xyzzy said...

Scandinavian, yah, you betcha! Red to accent his beagleness, and a Swedish, not a norwegian pattern, for sure!