Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy News

Early in December, we got wonderful news:  our older daughter and her boyfriend have decided to get married this summer.  You should see the way our daughter lights up when she is around this terrific guy.

 If you're a knitter, you'll understand why this called for breaking the Good Stuff out of the stash - in this case, the fabulously soft and warm Shokay yak yarn.  It looks velvety soft in the photo cuz it is.

Ian in his Men's Ski Hat designed by Irina Dmitrieva, knit in Shambala Shokay Yak
This is a hat that can stand up to whatever a Wisconsin winter throws at Ian when he visits from Ohio.

Not the best phone picture evah but how cute are they together!
So now starts the fun and excitement of helping a wedding come together!


Ruthie said...

Congrats on the exciting news!
Love the color of Ian's hat. Lucky man, I see lots of wonderful knitted gifts in his future. ;)

Ian Merkel said...

I'm definitely a lucky man! Love the hat and love that ginger <3

It's so warm and soft