Saturday, January 21, 2012

Is Jack the Beagle Feeling the Sweater Love?

Jack in his DROPS 102-42 dog sweater in madeline tosh DK 
"Are you ready to knit 12 sweaters in 2012?" was the gauntlet thrown smack! down at Twelve sweaters ... why, that's one a month...

 The rules of engagement:
"A “sweater” can consist of a pullover, cardigan, vest, shrug, bolero, etc. Basically any kind of clothing for the upper body. It can be any size- adult, child, baby, or pet sized. Unfinished objects count too, so pull out that half-knitted sweater that’s been at the back of your closet for ages! Sweaters can be knit at your own pace; they don’t have to be finished by the last day of the month."

Sweater #1 is a for my daughter's wedding trip this summer.  This is Sweater #2:

I have been eyeing this pattern for awhile.  Its largest size is cocker spaniel.  Beagles are generally larger than cockers and Jack is no exception, particularly his chest.  To size up the sweater, I went from the recommended #4 needle to a #7.  That worked just fine.

Two down. Will there be more sweaters this year?

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cleoj386 said...

What a handsome beagle you have there!