Saturday, April 21, 2012

Actually, Yellow Is My Favorite Color

Although you might not guess it. I have three new FOs to show you, all of them blue.
Click any photo to make bigger.

Blue FO #1 is a hat.  Currently, an awful lot of knitting patterns carry high-fallutin' names.  A pattern for a plain ol' vanilla garter stitch dish rag will be called Windswept or Althea or Capri.  Not this hat.  It's just "Scandinavian Hat" and it's from the book Knit Local.  In the spirit of the title, I did knit local, almost micro-local:  Kimmet Croft Fat Fairyhare (sportweight, 60% Merino, 40% Angora).  The yarn is primarily known nationally from kits for the Bohus designs in Poems of Color.  It is very special, with its angora halo and gentle colors.

This is what my vest looks like on Buff Helen
A vest is Blue FO #2.  I knit it as my response to The Loopy Ewe's Second Quarter Challenge :  a vest or adult sock in a cotton or cotton-blend yarn.  I made Janna's Tunic, as plainly and to-the-point named as Scandinavian Hat.  The yarn is Kollage Riveting, recycled from blue jeans(sportweight, 95% Cotton, 5% other).  It's not stiff like jeans but soft and drapey.  It's also economical.  The total yarn cost for this vest came to a grand total of $32.

Some knitters report lengthwise shrinkage when a Riveting item is washed.  Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that this doesn't happen!  It hasn't yet.

Keeping things both blue and minimalist is  FO #3, Florina.  The pattern consists primarily of a diagram, with written directions kept to a handful of sentences.  The designer, Darlene Cook, explains her system on her website.  After 3 minutes of furrowing your brow, all becomes crystal clear.  I now prefer this system of pattern notation.

The yarn is Habu Textiles N-46 Cotton Nerimaki Slub, a thick-and-thin (as in thread-thin in places) yarn. Only a handful of online retailers carry Habu.  I ordered mine from The Websters.  Their service, communication, and shipping were everything anyone could want.

Today I cast on for a lace shawl.  Yep, it's blue.