Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lillia Hyrna Shawl

Iceland is hot in the knitting world just now.  Franklin Habit went to Iceland and knit.Brooklyn Tweed went to Iceland and knit.   Cookie A and so many other famous knitting designers and teachers are traveling to Iceland these days.  Info on knitting tours to Iceland,as well as (free!) patterns can be found at The Icelandic Knitter  and Knitting Iceland.

Who wouldn't love to go!  Until that opportunity presents itself, here's my attempt at Lillia Hyrna by Sheila January, an Icelandic-style shawl.  I bought the yarn during an art studios tour last October.  There were the Peaceable Acres alpacas grazing in the sun-dappled field and over, there, the spinning studio with handspun for sale.  This shawl is made from undyed fibers.  The brown and cream are barenaked shades of alpaca.

I cast on right away.  Over the course of many months, I picked up and put down the project.  Maybe it was the early sighting of a flock of Canadian geese flying morth.  Maybe it was just a perverse reaction to hot August days.  Something had piqued my interest again in this shawl.

It's light but warm as toast.


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wow, what a gorgeous shawl!

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Happy Knitting! G

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